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Prophecy McCoy was born May 12, 1988 in Grand Rapids, MI into the McCoy family.  He is the thrid born of four siblings which were all male.  Although born in Michigan, he grew up moving back and forth between Montgomery, AL and Denver, CO.  In middle school, he became heavily involved with the streets and it didn't take long for Prophecy to start bumping heads with the local authorities.

Despite his trouble with the law growing up, Prophecy's poetic and musical gifts were never quenched.  Under the heavy influence of his oldest brother who is now known as Moe Money McCoy, Prophecy began writing, recording, and performing his own music in 2005.  The start of his music career was with a group called The Big Shotz.  His current group is known as Me N My Brotha.  Although he is in a group, Prophecy is a very sensational solo artist whose music only gets better with time.




Im Me!
DaYuMmm Baye! That "Im Me" Go HaRd thana Mu'F*!! Yur Dope!
Love Your Music!
Love your music ....props God bless my brother ..Mijo from downunda !!
Dig It!
I dig it dude !!!
Doing Your Thing!
Keep doing your thing man.
In Consideration of SNS On Da Grind
I listened to the music and definitely feel there's potential. [Read More...]
First Gospel Rap Mixtape!
P.G Prophecy has just released his first Gospel rap mixtape called Firestreak Volume 1.
Radio Ready!
You have some radio ready material!
With the right guidance you could be a star!